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Nanny or Nanny Housekeeper?

Nanny or Nanny Housekeeper?

Clients contact Bambino and Butler ( unsure as to the exact type of staff they require. Is it better to have a Nanny and employ a cleaner or have a Nanny Housekeeper? This is why we speak to all of our clients in depth before advertising a role. A client registration form will not always give you a full insight int how the family operate on a daily basis.

Families find that their needs change and some additional duties are necessary to justify retaining a nanny. Alternatively, a mother at home may require assistance with her pre-school children. A nanny/housekeeper will always put the welfare of the children first but, in the spare time available, will take on housekeeping duties.

• Prepares bottles for babies and looks after feeding equipment.
• Changes nappies and bathes babies.
• Supervises baths for older children.
• Washes and irons the children’s clothes and bedding (or arranges for it to be sent to the laundry).
• Keeps the children’s nursery, bedrooms and bathrooms clean and tidy.
• Makes the children’s breakfast and prepares them for school.
• Plans, cooks and supervises the children’s meals and cleans and tidies the kitchen and any other rooms used afterwards.
• Schedules and coordinates children’s activities.
• Transports children to and from school and activities.
• Plans and supervises rest, bed and nap times.
• Reads to and with the children and helps with homework.
• Exercises, teaches, trains and entertains the children.
• Reinforces appropriate discipline for the children.
• Shops for the children’s needs.
• Looks after the children’s needs, welfare, development and health and safety.

• Prepares breakfast and afterwards cleans and tidies kitchen and breakfast room.
• Cleans oven after every use.
• Ensures refrigerator is clean and out-of-date items discarded.
• Tidies and cleans all the bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas which have been used (or supervises a domestic help).
• Cleans unused rooms on a less frequent basis (or supervises a domestic help).
• Polishes brass and silver. Polishes fine furniture with appropriate cleaning materials.
• Cleans the inside only of all reachable windows.
• Collects laundry, washes and irons it and returns the items to the appropriate places. Hand washes delicate items.
• Arranges dry-cleaning as required; keeping relevant records.
• Answers door and telephone as required.
• Feeds pets on a regular basis and, where appropriate, exercises them.
• Keeps all exterior patios, pathways and steps clean and tidy.
• Waters household plants.
• Carries out weekly grocery shopping.
• Keeps household accounts.
• Deals with tradesmen/contractors.
• Manages security alarms.
• Carries out any other task the employer may reasonably ask.



We have a fantastic candidate database of both Nannies and Nanny Housekeepers. Please call our office to discuss your requirements with an experienced consultant.

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